Netflix Kick

Posted by admin on August 27th, 2013

Netflixs has been my best friend while on maternity leave. If you’ve ever been at home for more than a day then you know what I’m talking about, daytime television stinks! After 12 weeks there is only so much you can do to get out of the house, which I did..daily, but the times that I was at home Netflix it was. Rambling aside, I was watching some documentaries that I think are two that everyone should see. Two ends of the spectrum, one about the humanity of people and the generosity that is still out there and then there is the flip side of the ugliness that is in this world.

Screen Shot 2013 08 26 at 4.45.38 PM Netflix Kick

Craigslist Joe was something that I had seen online awhile back when I was looking through some documentary write ups. This movie was based on a man who decided to live 30 days just on Craigslist postings. He traveled across country and back, met some great people along the way. I watched this movie and saw the sheer generosity that is still out there. There are times it is hard to see and people miss it with all of the cruelty in this world, but I think this documentary showed that there are true people out there willing to lend a helping hand all you have to do is “search,” for it. If you are witnessing the let down that this world has to bring I would highly recommend watching this, for me it restored some humanity that I thought was lacking in this world.

Screen Shot 2013 08 26 at 5.21.39 PM Netflix Kick

There can’t be good without some “evil,” in this world. When I was younger I was bullied and made fun of when I was in Junior High. I was a chubbier kid and I was made fun of a lot at school, so I understand the whole notion of being bullied. After having Emma, there are many things that I look at now as a mother that I never did before. One of them is the fear of other kids! Sounds silly you say, but really, how many times now a days do you hear about some kid killing themselves because they were bullied? Its far to common now then it was when I was a kid. It has just gotten severely worse. This documentary followed around kids who were constantly bullied and showed how they had to cope with it. I highly recommend that every parent should watch this documentary and notice the signs of when your child is being bullied. For more information be sure to check out their website.

CHEERS Netflix Kick

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Changing Things Up

Posted by admin on August 26th, 2013

Screen Shot 2013 08 25 at 8.53.04 PM Changing Things Up

Changing, there needs to be some around here. Blogging is hard..I hope people realize that. Coming up with new and interesting content each week is challenging, especially when you have a newborn hanging around. I have one more week with Emma before I head back to work. It is bittersweet, I am bummed to not be with her everyday but then I am excited to be able to have adult conversation again. With all the changes that I’ve had the last 12 weeks changing some things on the blog are a must as well.

I still love my Mentoring Monday posts, I think those are still interesting and I LOVE getting to meet new people on the web and hear their stories. So that isn’t going away. I really do love Typography and in the past I had a feature on type, so I’m bringing it back with “Just My Type.” A series that I will be doing showcasing some fonts that I enjoy. I am going to try my hardest to get back into my DIY, that is something that I enjoy doing and I will try and have a feature at least once every two weeks of a DIY project. Since I have now become a mom I think it would be fun to have a, “Little Bambino,” post to just give you some looks into my little sweet babes life! Fitness and eating well is something that I am striving for even more now then I did before. Each week I will be showing my progress of losing the baby weight. I got inspired by this from B Jones on her site. I think it is a good way to show people a glimpse into my life in an area that I am struggling with at this moment.

So, I hope you all will start to enjoy the new series!

CHEERS Changing Things Up

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Why You Should Consider Wearing the ‘Classic Look’

Posted by admin on August 22nd, 2013

I have the privilege of meeting many talented people on the web. I was approached to have a guest post on the site. It has been awhile since I posted something so I thought it would be a great time to have a guest post. This guest post was writhed by Daria P. Who also contributes for and; she also runs her own fashion blog called Kittenhood.

There’s something about a classic look that’s very reassuring. No matter the occasion, you can’t go wrong with the classics: a little black dress and a string of pearls, a black stiletto and a minimal clutch make the perfect evening look. A striped t-shirt and bootcut jeans, with a red crossbody bag for contrast, and throw on a pair of classy sunglasses and voile la: you have a fun, stylish and comfy everyday outfit. But all these classics wouldn’t be the same without the women who inspired them, and a bit of a modern twist. We looked at the summer looks at some of our favorite classic fashion icons, Audrey Hepburn, Jane Birkin and Jean Seberg, and reinterpreted them to fit today’s style:

Screen Shot 2013 08 22 at 11.57.39 AM Why You Should Consider Wearing the Classic Look

2. Jean Seberg: Pearl Madewell Dress | Kate Spade Glasses | Aubrey Eden Clutch | J. Crew Wedges | Olbia Bracelets

Jean was a master of stripes! She made the striped nautical long sleeve into the cool, effortless item that is today. We also like her in this striped dress and cat eye glasses, which you can pair with wedge espadrilles, a straw clutch and some bracelets for a weekend of summer fun. And be sure to check out more sunglasses’ looks by clicking here

Screen Shot 2013 08 22 at 11.58.53 AM Why You Should Consider Wearing the Classic Look

3. Jane Birkin: Missel Fridge Dress | Jades 24 Necklace | Gap Flats | SimplySole Basket

Jane was all about understated sex-appeal. She looks demure in her white dress, flats and basket, but her long legs and make-up show us a hint of what’s underneath. Opt for a basket bag rather thane a real basket, and layer as many long necklaces as you can handle for a modern look.

CHEERS Why You Should Consider Wearing the Classic Look

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Mentoring Monday: Kate from Betty Means Business

Posted by admin on July 15th, 2013

MENTORINGMONDAY Mentoring Monday: Kate from Betty Means Business

It is so good to be back in the blogging world, man I have missed it. This is my outlet and designated to things I like and that is it. There are no worries, about work, freelance, baby, or husband just a girl and her computer and the great world of the web! Today I am sooooo excited to have Kate Byrne from, Betty Means Business. I was researching online about starting your own business, which that will be revealed more later, and I came across Kate’s blog. On her site she has great advice, interviews, classes, and an e-book that I downloaded and have read and started to live by. She has great insight and I am so thrilled she accepted to have an interview!

KateBWBioPic2 Mentoring Monday: Kate from Betty Means Business

Name:  Kate Byrne

“Kate is a roller derby-loving green-juice-drinking yoga-junkie, who can swear with the sailors and out-fancy the Queen.  Thanks to a debilitating spinal injury, she was forced to take time out from her grown-up life as co-founder of a successful management consultancy and think about what she really wants to do when she grows up.  One part entrepreneurial maven, one part irresistible super nerd, Kate has an insatiable appetite for life, art, nature, creative endeavour, women in business for themselves, making a difference and laughing out loud.  Kate is a Betty on a mission to quench your thirst for bullshit free creative inspiration & business advice.”
RollerDerbyPic2 Mentoring Monday: Kate from Betty Means Business

Hometown:  Canberra, Australia
Turn Ons:  my honey, everything Japanese, kindness, cooking, roller derby
Turn Offs: brussel sprouts, milk, mouth breathing and spitting
Favorite Color: I can’t decide! I think they’re all pretty damn good.
Favorite place you have traveled to: New York City, and pretty much all of Japan
Favorite Albums: Audio Slave (Audio Slave), The White Stripes (7 Nation Army), and Bon Jovi (Slippery When Wet) – I mean, c’mon!
What Inspires You: women chasing their entrepreneurial dreams and people with bold, adventurous spirits who intentionally make big changes in their life.
How did you come up with Betty Means Business: I was looking for a place that showcased and supported trailblazing creative entrepreneurial women. I couldn’t find one, so I decided to make one. Hey presto, Betty Means Business was born.
What job did you have before starting Betty Means Business: Before starting Betty Means Business I was (and still am) co-founder of a boutique management consulting firm. In fact I still think of myself as a business and comms strategist, and senior executive coach. Thanks to a big life change, in the form of a debilitating spinal problem, I discovered blogs and a whole new world opened up to me.
What sort of people do you want to work with: Kickass creative women entrepreneurs who are driven to make a difference in other people’s lives and who know they could be the next big thing, if only they could stand out and make more money.
How has creating your small business helped other individuals: Well, I hope Betty Means Business inspires women with creative entrepreneurial yearnings to go for it. That’s what it’s all about. Every week I share an in-depth interview with a babe killing it in her chosen field. If she can do it, so can you. I also share fun how-to tips and creative challenges each week on the blog and exclusively to my BettyLove subscribers.

WritingPic2 Mentoring Monday: Kate from Betty Means Business

What part of your job do you find most challenging: Hrm… I’d say only working a maximum of 2 hours a day is the hardest part. I love it, so I’d work constantly if I could! (Ok, I know that sounds really weird. Check out this post about my 2 Hour Project to find out what I’m talking about.)
Any Advice for anyone who is just starting out in a career path similar to yours: Don’t change yourself to fit in. It’s your differences – not your similarities to others in your industry – that will make you stand out and shine.

Thank you Kate for taking part in my interview, I am so glad to have you as part of this series. This is really an honor to have you featured. For more head on over to her website for great articles and great advice!

CHEERS Mentoring Monday: Kate from Betty Means Business

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The Magical Blessing of Motherhood

Posted by admin on July 9th, 2013

Over the past 6 weeks, my life has dramatically changed…for the better. 6 weeks ago, Dave and I were blessed with our little bundle of joy. Emma Noel Schwartz was born, May 28th, 2013 at 7:14 pm weighing 7 pounds 9 ounces and measuring 19 inches long.  My crazy ride to motherhood ended when my water broke on Monday night at 10:45 pm. Now, never being pregnant before I had no idea what it felt like to even have your water break, truthfully I thought I had peed my pants. Sorry y’all, but its true! I didn’t feel any contractions so after calling the doctor three times, we decided to head to the hospital and see if this was “go time!” After arriving after midnight, and getting checked in, turns out it was time to have this baby. Long story short, after 19 hours of labor our little peanut decided to grace us with her presence!

baby1 The Magical Blessing of Motherhood

Adjusting to motherhood is something that I didn’t think would be quite as hard as it has been. Everyone tells you that your tired, but no one ever really tells you the EXHAUSTION that you feel once this little peanut steps into your life.  Even though this little girl has kept us up for hours, and made us of have many sleepless nights, I would not change it for the world. She is mine and Dave’s whole world. I love our little peanut. I am excited to see what the coming years will bring.

emma The Magical Blessing of Motherhood


Now, that things with her have finally gotten a little bit better, I am excited to finally start to be able to get back into my blogging. For all of you who still follow and read a long thank you!

CHEERS The Magical Blessing of Motherhood

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Mentoring Monday: Michelle from Creature Type

Posted by admin on March 25th, 2013

MENTORINGMONDAY Mentoring Monday: Michelle from Creature Type

Hello!! I’m thrilled to have Michelle from Creature Type on the blog today. I came across her blog one day while looking through Pintrest and I was hooked every since. I love illustrators, I think they are my favorite type of designers! Enjoy!

003 new Mentoring Monday: Michelle from Creature Type

Name: Michelle Volansky

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Turn Ons: passion, obsession, feminism, indulgence, silliness,
subversive cuteness, pop music

Turns Offs: pretension, agressive masculinity, disinterest

Favorite Color: This changes too much! Currently I’m drawn to grays
and all the trendy pastel colors!

Favorite place you have traveled to: Japan. Part of my heart will
always be left in Japan.

Favorite Albums: “If It Was You” by Tegan and Sara, “More Adventurous”
by Rilo Kiley, “Feed The Animals” by Girl Talk, “Ta-Da” by Scissor

What Inspires You: women, fashion, consumption, pop culture

How did you get your start as an illustrator: I’ve been drawing and
identifying myself as an artist for as long as I can remember. At
first I wanted to be an animator, then an art teacher, then an
animator again, then a graphic designer, and then I realized that
illustration combines all those strengths!

bored Mentoring Monday: Michelle from Creature Type

What is your favorite design you had created? Oh jeez, what a
nerve-wracking thing to think about. The next one! Shouldn’t that
always be the answer? For now, I’ll say I’m really proud of the Big
Book of Cats project that I’m currently working on. I’m redrawing some
illustrations from my youth and I’m having a blast. It’s really
helping me to keep drawing everyday.

Who do you want to work with: I feel like saying them publicly jinxes
me! Haha, I will say that I dream of one day collaborating with some
clothing companies I especially love on a pattern or textile design or

What part of your job do you find most challenging? Just sitting down
and doing the creative work! I sometimes struggle to move beyond the
sketching phase and complete things.

glasses Mentoring Monday: Michelle from Creature Type

Do you have a Full Time Job: Yes, my day job is working as a
production designer at a local culinary magazine. I manage and design
ads for the magazine and handle a lot of web art, promotional
materials, etc. I love the energy of working at a magazine and always
having something new and fun to do and learn. It’s really motivating
to always have that monthly deadline and physical reward for our
efforts in the form of a gorgeous, interesting printed piece! I love
the security of having a day job that I don’t hate. It makes my life
more interesting, plus I love love food. icon smile Mentoring Monday: Michelle from Creature Type

Any Advice for anyone who is just starting out in a career path
similar to yours?
Work hard and never give up! It’s so easy for
artists to just stop after school when time and money get tight. Find
some motivating project or club or blog–whatever you need to do to
keep yourself creatively active. Also, always be nice, open, and
generous with others. It goes so far.

Thank you so much Michelle for participating! If you have time head on over to Michell’s website and check out more of her amazing illustrations! I hope everyone has a great Monday!!



CHEERS Mentoring Monday: Michelle from Creature Type

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Round The Web: Oscar Buzz

Posted by admin on February 28th, 2013

This years Oscars, I have to admit I didn’t watch all of them. I went in and out to see who the winners were. I was glad that Argo won for Best Picture, because I feel like Ben Affleck got the shaft on the Best Director side. But, he came back and won it all so that to me was Justice! icon biggrin Round The Web: Oscar Buzz There was one actress who I think stoke the show and that was Jennifer Lawrence. Now, I have to admit I haven’t seen the movie, Silver Linings Playbook, but I’ve been meaning too. I did see her first in, The Hunger Games and I thought she was great. I fell in love with her in that movie. Ever since then, she has been one in Hollywood who I enjoy reading about.

Screen shot 2013 02 28 at 8.35.20 AM Round The Web: Oscar Buzz

During this years Oscars I feel that she was one of the most humble, and REAL, people out there. She looked absolutely beautiful in her dress and when she was walking up to receive her Oscar, poor thing tripped. I will say she came back gracefully and laughed about it.

The greatest thing about this young actress is that she can laugh at herself, and she is STILL a genuine person! Check out the video below where Jack Nicholson came to say congrats to her. I died when I saw it, thinking that she was truly starstruck!

I absolutely love her and I think she is one to watch coming up! icon biggrin Round The Web: Oscar Buzz I hope you all have a great day!!

CHEERS Round The Web: Oscar Buzz

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Wednesday’s Words

Posted by admin on February 27th, 2013

words Wednesdays Words

Only a couple more days until the weekend! I hope all of you are excited as I am. icon smile Wednesdays Words I saw this the other day on Pintrest and I thought it was something that fit well into what I’ve been dealing with lately. Lately, I’ve been struggling to want more and more of material things. Why you ask? I think its this sudden need and desire to make the life around me Now, don’t get me wrong I love everything that we own, but there are certain times when I look at it and I want to take everything and rip it down and start over. But then there is this little thing called, money, that gets in the way. So I look through many magazines, online and in stores and dream of having those items in my home. *sigh* It’s these phases I go through where I want to revamp the material life around me. ha! Does this happen to anyone else? Well, I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

CHEERS Wednesdays Words

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Mentoring Monday: Chelsea from Lovely Indeed

Posted by admin on February 25th, 2013

MENTORINGMONDAY Mentoring Monday: Chelsea from Lovely Indeed

Hello! First of all I’m very excited to show all of you a little update to my blog! I thought it was looking a little stale so I decided to revamp and add a little bit more color to it and just add a little something to it! I am so excited to have Chelsea, from Lovely Indeed, on my blog today. I have been reading through Chelsea’s site for the past couple of months. She has some great inspiration on her blog along with some great DIY projects. With that said, I hope you enjoy her feature today.

CHELSEA Mentoring Monday: Chelsea from Lovely Indeed

Name: Chelsea Costa

Hometown: Modesto, CA

Turn Ons: Kindness, humor, and creativity

Turn Offs: People who are just a little too in love with themselves.

Favorite Color: Sunshine Yellow

Favorite place you have traveled to: My honeymoon trip to Tahiti was pretty off-the-charts amazing.

TAHITI Mentoring Monday: Chelsea from Lovely Indeed


Favorite Albums: Anything by Bette Midler, Joni Mitchell, Ingrid Michaelson, or James Taylor. I’m also a fan of turning on an Original Broadway Cast album of just about any musical ever.

What Inspires You: Travel! Seeing the world is eye-opening in so many ways, and has been responsible for some of my most creative times.


plane Mentoring Monday: Chelsea from Lovely Indeed


How did you get your start in theater: My mom let my sister and I choose what extracurricular activities we wanted to do from a very young age, and I was always attracted to dance, singing, and acting. I can remember being in my 6th grade play and just feeling like it was the absolute best thing ever. I did local theater all through high school and college, and made the decision to move to NYC to pursue musical theater in my 20s. My very first professional gig was a Nickelodeon national tour of Go, Diego, Go — it made me fall in love with children’s theater, and turned out to be a gateway to so many more professional highlights.

What is your favorite part you have acted in: I loved playing Nancy in Oliver. I think she’s such a brave woman, and both strong and tender. It’s a challenge to tackle that role, and I was honored to be able to do it.


P6070031 Mentoring Monday: Chelsea from Lovely Indeed


Who do you want to work with: I’ve never had a list of specific people that I’d love to work with, but I always wish for kind, generous, humble people when I’m cast in a new show.

What part of your job do you find most challenging?: Making it into a living.

Any Advice for anyone who is just starting out in a career path similar to yours: Decide whether it’s going to be a hobby or a career. It’s extremely difficult to make a full-time living as an actor, because the bottom line is that not everybody is going to be famous. In fact, most people will not be famous. So you need to decide why you’re doing it: love, money, accolades, or whatever other reason there may be. Decide and pursue it accordingly. Once I realized that, my love for and joy in the art of musical theater increased tenfold.

Thank You Chelsea for sharing with my readers! The greatest thing about her is that she is multi-talented. With her amazing blog and theater experience she is a very inspirational individual. To see more on Chelsea head on over to her blog and check her out! I hope everyone has a great Monday!



CHEERS Mentoring Monday: Chelsea from Lovely Indeed

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Yay for the weekend

Posted by admin on February 8th, 2013

dog Yay for the weekend

Yay! We all made it through the week! Its finally Friday and we can all look froward to the weekend! This weekend will hopefully be relaxing. Poor Dave has been really sick with the flu and hoping that he will start to feel better soon! I hope you all have a great weekend!!!!

sig441 Yay for the weekend

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