Swapin Out the Old Look with West Elm

Posted by admin on October 25th, 2011

pillows Swapin Out the Old Look with West Elm

We’ve been debating on changing up some of our pillows for the living room area. Since we can’t go all out and get all brand new furniture, its easy to make things new by adding some new elements to your house or in our case apartment. I’ve been looking through West Elms website and have fallen in love with these beauties! Its easy to take the pillows you already have and swap them out for some new pillow covers to give your furniture new life! Its cheap and easy.

1.Frosted Foil Pillow Cover: $23.00 (on sale right now)

2.Random Sparkle Pillow Cover $35.00

3.Lourdes Sanchez Pillow Covers $27.00

4.Sequins Circle Pillow Covers $31.00

How will you spice up your couch?

sig445 Swapin Out the Old Look with West Elm

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  1. Danielle Says:

    #4 !!!!!

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